How It Works


Congratulations on finding SME Certification Centre for your one-stop shop to meet SME Standards . From here, we’ll help you build, assess and certify systems to get you there.



It couldn’t be easier to join our community for FREE. Just set up your profile with our easy-to-use form.   We only ask for your basic company information, so it takes seconds to complete.

You’ll immediately have access to your own member page where you can download our Standards, access resources and support.


With access to your member page you can review the Standards that apply to your SME.  For example, you may be looking for a Sustainability Standard  to ensure your environmental and social credentials.

Take time to review the Standard, and consider how your business can achieve it. We often find that businesses are already doing a lot of what is required.

Then, to progress towards meeting your chosen Standard,  purchase a 1 year package and you'll have instant access to an online Toolkit to help you prepare and apply for assessment. 


To create good practice for meeting our Standards, we provide easy-to-follow Toolkits.  The Toolkit leads you through each requirement of your chosen Standard, with a simple set of guidance and templates to help create your business process.

And don’t worry, we’re keeping it simple. you don’t need any experience or expertise to use them.

All Toolkits provide:

  • Plenty of guidance and examples
  • Downloadable templates if you need to create a document e.g. an Action Plan
  • Free support from us if you need it

Bonus addition: the Toolkit for Certified also includes an extensive collection of ideas for improvement, so you can really create actions that are relevant and achievable.

If you already have some of the required documents e.g. a Policy, that's fine.  Just use the guidance in the Toolkit to check your own documents meet the Standard requirements. 


Once you've worked through the Toolkit, your system will be ready for us to assess. 

Just upload and submit the required set of documents and our experts will review your application.  If you pass you'll receive a 12-month certificate and marketing pack.  if not, we'll give you easy to follow guidance on the changes needed and you can re-submit. 

Find out more about certification.



What are you waiting for?

Streamline your processes and get peace of mind at a competitive price.  Start by signing up for free on our easy-to-use form and let us support you with the rest.