About Us


We’re an SME based in South Wales, committed to helping small and medium businesses excel without getting tied up in complicated processes.  

Our Founder, Jude Cook has worked in the private, public and third sector, with over 20 years' experience of running and supporting SMEs.

She has worked on various management systems, with particular expertise in environment and sustainability. As a result, Jude has built SME Certification Centre to be perfectly placed to be your systems certification provider.

Alongside Jude, we have a friendly team of experts and Assessors who are professionals in management systems and certification, having worked with a broad range of businesses and organisations.

At SME Certification Centre we're passionate about helping UK businesses to thrive and prosper and with our support you can:

  • commit to meeting the needs of your customers and stakeholders
  • meet statutory and regulatory guidelines
  • gain advantage in tender processes or gran applications
  • have peace of mind for your business


Find out how easy it is to join us for free and to get started on your journey to gaining a certificate.